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Old Irish Creamery White Ceddar

White Cheddar

Traditional Irish Cheddar cheese range from mild to vintage.




Irish Porter

This is a smooth cheddar cheese with a distinctive marbled appearance. It is infused with Irish porter brewed by the World famous Guinness Brewery, great for a cheese board, or for nibbles.

Old Irish Creamery Irish Porter Cheddar


Old Irish Creamery Walnut Cheddar


This is a delicious, pasteurised natural Cheddar cheese, blended with health enhancing walnuts. To give a crunchy nutty flavour.



Wild Blueberries

This is a delicious tasting natural cheddar cheese entwined with health enhancing wild blueberries. Great for eating on any occasion.


Old Irish Creamery Wild Blueberries Cheddar


Old Irish Creamery Red Wine Cheddar


This is a pasteurised natural cheddar cheese, infused with organic wine giving it an attractive taste, with a presence of red wine, It has distinctive rich fruity flavour, a must for wine connoisseurs.


This is a delicious smoked cheddar cheese. It has a smooth texture with a rounded flavour. We use native Irish Oak to help us create our unique smoked flavour.


Old Irish Creamery Smoked Cheddar


Old Irish Creamery Chilli Cheddar


This is a natural cheddar cheese containing flaked chilli to give it its distinctive hot flavour. It has excellent dispersal of chilli throughout.




This is a delicious tasting natural cheddar cheese entwined with health enhancing cranberries. Great for eating on any occasion.


Old Irish Creamery Cranberries Cheddar


Old Irish Creamery Chives Cheddar


This is a natural Cheddar
cheese with great dispersal of
chives, giving it its naturalness
of flavour. Which develops further after maturity.


Garlic & Herbs

This natural cheddar cheese is liberally sprinkled with garlic and herbs, carrying all the health characteristics associated with garlic and natural herbs. It has excellent taste on its own, but could be used in omelettes

Old Irish Creamery Herb & Garlic Cheddar


Old Irish Creamery Whiskey Cheddar


This is a pasteurised natural Cheddar cheese, infused with Jameson Irish Whiskey giving it a very unique taste.



Coloured Cheddar

Traditional Irish Cheddar cheese rang from mild to vintage.



Our range of half wheels

Introducing the new range of Effin Select Red & White Cheddar

Effin Red

Effin White


Each cheese is available in

  1. 1 x 2.5 kg wheel, vacuum packed, in an outer corrugated case
  2. 2 x 1.25 kg half wheel, vacuum packed, in outer case

In addition there is a
10 wedge variety pack of 2.5 kgs



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